Spending for at-risk students needs clarity

How to deliver programs specifically designed for at-risk students is the challenge. The goal is not separate classes, but methods that help them excel at their individual levels.



February 10, 2020 - 9:58 AM

If you think controversy over school funding ended has ended — think again. A dispute currently brewing is about how the new, court-awarded funds are being spent by school districts to help at-risk students and how the Kansas State Department of Education is managing the districts.

The disagreement became widely known this past December, when a team tasked by the Kansas Division of Post-Audit released a report that compared funds some school districts receive for at-risk students to what districts spend to provide services to those students.  

The research was based on a sample of 20 districts representing different enrollment sizes.  High need was defined by the federal standard of 75% or more of students within a school receiving a free or reduced-price lunch.   

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