Spring break: Join the unplugged challenge



March 15, 2019 - 4:02 PM

Screen time — how much is too much? If we stop and look around whenever we’re out in a public space, we see more than one person looking at their phone. We see families in restaurants with children occupying themselves with tablets. At children’s sporting events, lots of eyes are cast downward as parents text message and distract themselves from the game. Small children are given devices to look at instead of being allowed to run around and play.

The average adult spends 11 hours a day looking at a screen of some kind. The average child spends seven.

What price are we paying for this? For adults, it’s chronic neck and back pain, dry eyes, blurred vision, and headaches. There’s also loss of restorative sleep as the blue screen of the smartphone or computer suppresses the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. As little as two hours of television a day increases the risk of weight gain, diabetes, and heart disease. It can also cause impaired decision making.

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