Teach mental wellness, not mental health



March 25, 2019 - 9:51 AM

The battle for mental health in America is a constant one. With reports of rising stress-levels over everything from money, work, the economy, health, to our own families, it is crucial we address mental health for the betterment of our society, if not our own sanity. 

Yet, progress is hindered by powerful stigma around mental health. Misconceptions and stereotypes are disarmed only by discussion; thus, I believe our educational institutions should encourage dialogue and devote resources to their students’ well-being. 

This is a notion that many of my peers, Generation “Z,” agree with. The American Psychology Association (APA) reports that my generation is the most likely to report poor mental health. The APA also found that Generation Z is the generation most likely to seek help for our mental health issues. 

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