The big lie: Support for pre-existing conditions



October 30, 2018 - 9:25 AM

With Election Day looming, Republicans around the country, at every ballot level, are engaged in a party-wide effort to pull the proverbial wool over voters’ eyes on health care. It’s best summed up in a recent tweet from President Donald Trump, which is, even by his mendacious standards, astonishing: “Republicans will totally protect people with Pre-Existing Conditions, Democrats will not!”

This isn’t just an attempt by Republicans to jump on a popular train; it’s an attempt to jump on a train they have been trying to derail for years, and will finally dynamite if they maintain control of Congress. They would destroy it despite the fact that, whatever they claim, they have no realistic plan with which to replace it. Americans everywhere need to understand that as they enter the voting booths.

The GOP’s efforts to raise and carry the pre-existing torch is something of an unintended compliment to former President Barack Obama, considering how they’ve been so intent on killing his namesake program and its central element.

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