There will be other photo ops

President Trump's insistence that he address West Point graduates would endanger thousands.



April 29, 2020 - 9:52 AM

West Point 2019 can't be West Point 2020.

Like an addict jonesing for his next fix, President Donald Trump seems to chafe at how social distancing restrictions are preventing him from performing before his campaign rallies.

The president appears to have settled on an acceptable substitute — a June 13 graduation ceremony for the U.S. Military Academy. Having spoken to graduating classes at the Coast Guard, Navy and Air Force academies over the last three years, Trump wants to check off West Point this year.

Like any addict, Trump is unconcerned about the damage he could cause to those around him. Yes, it’s six weeks out, but there’s no reason to believe that New York state, nor the academy itself, is prepared to host a graduation ceremony amidst a pandemic.

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