Time to shore up the ACA



December 6, 2018 - 10:07 AM

One of the clear messages of the midterm elections was the enthusiasm Americans have for the Affordable Care Act. Now that more people have better access to individual health insurance, they want to keep it.

It’s time for Congress to move on from fighting Obamacare and work to improve it. The midterm elections, which resulted in a strong Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, should help. Ideas that had bipartisan support in the Senate, but were previously blocked in the House, should now have a clearer path to the president’s desk.

Open enrollment for 2019 insurance under the ACA began just before the election and will close Dec. 15. Despite marketing cutbacks from Congress and the Trump administration, results so far show this is going to be another good enrollment year. Obamacare is not a failed policy, and it is far from dead.

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