U.S. farmers happy to go back in time

New trade agreements restore relationships that existed before President Trump started trade wars with much of the world.



February 17, 2020 - 9:51 AM

U.S. dairy farmers can expect to see a 1.1% increase in exports once the agreement between the United States, Canada and Mexico is fully implemented over the next six years, according to federal estimates. Photo by THOMAS CORDY/PALMBEACHPOST.COM

Regardless of whether you support President Donald Trump, recently announced trade agreements are good news for Kansas.

Julie Doll

For the most part, the agreements hyped by the White House restore trade relationships that existed before Trump started trade wars with much of the world, including the nation’s three biggest trading partners: Canada, Mexico and China.

Given the harm caused, getting back a measure of stability in international markets is good news for farmers and Kansas businesses.

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