Vaping not as harmless as advertised



September 4, 2019 - 10:31 AM

Joe Camel died over 20 years ago, but the tobacco mascot’s child-enticing spirit has hauntingly returned in the form of vaping — the growing use of e-cigarettes.

The stunning fact is, vaping is more prevalent among teens than tobacco use: While less than a quarter of Kansas and Missouri high school students use tobacco, about a third acknowledges having vaped, though estimates say it’s closer to half.

Every parent needs to be alerted to this rising epidemic and to vaping’s seductiveness, addictiveness and cryptic dangers, which are showing up in the heartland in alarming ways. Eerie cases of unspecified vaping-related breathing disorders have recently been identified in at least three Kansas young adults, to go with some 200 similar cases nationwide, according to the state’s Department of Health and Environment.

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