Foe of Common Core is ignorant of content


February 18, 2014 - 12:00 AM

Too bad Common Core wasn’t around when Willie Dove, a Republican representative from Bonner Springs, was a schoolboy. It might have improved his reading and comprehension skills.
Dove wants to nullify Common Core reading and math standards in Kansas, though he admits to not having read what Common Core is about and means to accomplish.
The Associated Press reported he’s against the concept because he doesn’t want the federal government involved in education. Actually, Common Core was a product of the states themselves.
That Dove serves on the House Education Committee should give leadership pause. His logic defies what should be the approach of a committee member helping to decide the course of education in Kansas.
The good news is that leaders in both chambers say Dove’s legislation isn’t likely to go anywhere.
As Jack Morrell, with experience at Iola Middle School, so eloquently explained in a letter to the Register a year ago, Common Core is a meaningful advance in education. It sets up standards that all high school graduates in the nation will be expected to attain. Morrell also testified in favor of Common Core before the House Education Committee during the 2013 session.
Common Core means to ensure that students are well-educated and prepared either to continue at a post-secondary school or enter the work force.
What’s the matter with that?
— Bob Johnson

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