Letters to the editor


September 18, 2014 - 12:00 AM

Dear editor,
I am excited about the possibility of new schools in our area, and want to voice my support! I am grateful for the thought and work that has been put forth by our school board in exploring and preparing this plan for our children. Here is my top 10 list of things I love about new schools in Iola:
1. Clean air. Asbestos, old paint, mold, old pipes, and other aging building materials found in our schools, are things that concern me. Our children spend so many hours at school, and air quality is important for them developing healthy bodies and minds.
2. A building accessible to all. I am excited for school buildings that will allow our children that need physical assistance to be able to navigate their way easily and comfortably in their school environment.
3. Safe entries. Glass doorways and walls in school entries will allow administration to screen visitors and help keep our children safe.
4. Location. The new site’s location on the bike path, and nearness to neighborhoods will allow many of our children to bike or walk to school. And its convenient street location will aid those who come by car.
5. More space. Space is needed when our children need specialized instruction out of the classroom. Currently we use hallway floors, but our children need an open area with tables and chairs.
6. Creative atmosphere. New school design is full of color and fun! I am excited for our children to be inspired to higher learning by the atmosphere of their school.
7. A cafeteria. It will be nice for our children to have a space for food preparation and service, and not have their food shipped daily by truck.
8. Curb appeal. A nicer building of education is a credit to any town and shows we care about our children and the future.
9. Technology. Technology monies formerly used up by old building maintenance, would be available to be spent on new books and technology. Our children will grow in understanding and appreciation as they have opportunities to explore and experience more technology in the classroom.
10. Teachers. Our children need great teachers. Beautiful buildings attract great teachers. Let’s build some beautiful schools for our children.
I hope we will all choose to vote on Nov. 4 to invest in our children: Yes to the school bond + Yes to the half-cent sales tax = new schools for our children.
Sincerely, and with much hope for the future and our children!
Robyn Fawson,
Iola, Kan.

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