Letters to the editor


November 11, 2014 - 12:00 AM

Dear editor,
It is this time of year when we traditionally take a long look to consider our surroundings. A time of giving thanks. We live in a wonderful nation, and share in a community of good people. Thanksgiving should be about finding the good in others, as well as in our own life. We can all count our blessings. We live in a nation that has been the pinnacle of success over struggle, and the envy of every other nation on earth. Most of us believed that God gave to us, and we sacrificially gave to each other, and even helped build other nations through this sacrificial spirit.
We have recently however seen a nation in decline. We look at our own people with envy, and make demands that would take from others instead of giving of ourselves. Recently in our own community, many have found it difficult to be thankful for our schools. And while our schools may not be the very best, they have graduated numerous wonderful students. Most have gone on to find success after attending here, and there is no reason this can’t continue. If necessary, some adjustments may need to be made, but we still have a great school system here in Iola.
I have read many of the editorials and forum letters that were written, and it seems there is much disdain for the buildings that our community has provided to our students. In one editorial, improving the schools was compared to putting lipstick on a pig. This truly bothers me and should bother every graduate that has passed through these halls. Differing opinions can be made, and should be, but certainly without such exaggeration. We ourselves have two sons that both graduated from the Iola school system, and we never felt the buildings were inadequate, or insufficient to provide a good education.
Much of our nation has become so busy making war with each other that we have forgotten that through common sacrifice our founders, and previous generations, built the best nation on earth. And we can do it again. We need not worry about warring with each other. Instead we need to follow the greatest commandment in the Bible. That is to love God, love one another, and look for that which is good. Sacrifice is a good lesson, and one that is best taught at an early age. It works well, even with students. We don’t always get everything that we want, and in that lesson we learn to be satisfied, and be a benefit to one another.
Let us look at our school, our community, and our people, and be proud of what Iola is. We can find much good news in this Thanksgiving season.
Rev. Tom Bevard,
Iola, Kan.

Dear editor,
I had to write to apologize to Susan Raines (director of the Bowlus Fine Arts Center.)
After the performance of Cindy Summers she asked me how I enjoyed it. I did not take time to explain: Susan has great performers and Cindy is exceptional.
I go to the theater in anticipation to hear beautiful melody and hear the lyrics. I come out disappointed. All I hear are the drums. From the Beatles Legends I enjoyed only one song, “Yesterday.” The rest of the time I covered my ears to protect my ear drums.
I do not know if the singers are aware that their marvelous talent is overshadowed by the support music. Whether this a desire of the performers or the sound people. To me it takes away from the performance I come to hear and see.
Lillian Orzechowski,
Iola, Kan.

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