Letters to the editor 7-25-13


July 25, 2013 - 12:00 AM

Dear editor,
Thank heaven for an eight-member council. This shifts the thought process across the city and away from a neighborhood. I understand the neighborhood concern. It comes from a lack of understanding of the real world. We’ve lived in a neighborhood for 32 years that covers the fears of all the naysayers.
We’re half a block off U.S. 54 (Madison Street). East Street, our street in front, carries more traffic than will ever impact the North Kentucky corridor. There will probably be an increase in traffic using Miller Road; additional traffic using South Kentucky; more traffic using North Kentucky, but the impact on the neighborhood is insignificant.
We’ve experienced it. It is no problem. The neighborhood may hear a few more sirens from ambulances if they’re outside. If they’re in their house they will hear very little, not more than a few seconds. Not enough to cause a problem. Fear of the unknown.
When you live for 32 years one block from a hospital, you learn to have no fears, only gratitude. Some poor soul is in trouble. Be thankful that we have the services to attend to them.
Ray Shannon,
Iola, Kan.

Dear editor,
Two things: One, did anyone know that the City of Iola has changed its policy regarding discontinuing service?  I’m not sure when, or if; and, perhaps, this was published in the paper, but I found out the hard way!
When one gets a past due notice, it now says, in small print, failure to pay the full amount by the deadline will result in discontinuance of service, etc.  
And they do print the deadline for payment plainly in a box. In the past, I believe a separate notice was sent, plus, the person who came out to turn it off, also knocked at the door and gave one a chance to cough up the dough. 
My excuses for overlooking this situation are not good ones, but I am thinking of others who might have some really serious reasons for not realizing that they are in danger of being disconnected until it’s too late.
Second: My hubby got one of these, apparently bogus, “Second Notice” (in red print) “Dated Material” (in a green box), “Official Documents Enclosed” letters from the “National Magazine Exchange.” When I Googled  the name it turns out to be a scam operation. 
Don’t know if others in the area have gotten these or not, but all need to be reminded that legitimate “sweepstakes” do not ask for money or one’s credit card or bank account information before delivering any prizes. This envelope had a return address of  P.O. Box 9084, Clearwater, FL 33758 
Thanks for your attention.
Jean Anderson,
Iola, Kan.

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