Letters to the editor Dear Editor,


April 19, 2011 - 12:00 AM

Once again the wealthy are blaming the poor and middle class for the federal deficit. Once again the poor are buying into it.
The rich want to cut the very programs that make us humane; doctors and medication (Medi-care), education (Head Start and community colleges), and a chance for happiness (cuts to Social Security.)
Is the American Dream dead? Can a poor child with a good education pull himself up and have that dream?
Social welfare isn’t the big drain that wealthy Americans claim. Rather, it’s corporate welfare.
Everyone go to your computers and type in “corporate welfare,” and find out how $150 billion is going to corporate subsidies and tax benefits. These benefits eclipse the annual budget of $130 billion.
Taxes for the rich are a very good thing. Why have we been brainwashed to think otherwise?
The super rich spend billions to keep us down and believing that taxes are bad. We support the very rich. Why?
Go to your computers and tell everyone we have been hoodwinked. The poor can’t afford to support the very rich.

Kathryn Ronay,
Iola, Kan.

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