Lighting up the Christmas spirit (column)



November 3, 2017 - 12:00 AM

Every child deserves a Christmas that is magical, fun, and exciting. Santa’s Toy Shop takes that mission to heart, and this year we will celebrate its sixth year.

Three years ago Humanity House expanded our Santa’s Toy Shop program and began lighting up the trees on the square. Our goal was to bring lights and a little holiday magic to the Iola courthouse lawn. Last year we added to the beauty from the year before and had more trees and lights. Young and old alike enjoyed driving past the courthouse lawn or walking down the sidewalks and being surrounded by thousands of lights in the starry trees.

This year we are adding even more light trees, lighting up the bandstand, and taking this magical view of Christmas to the Humboldt square. We are excited for this project and plans are drawn up and ready to go. This, like every Humanity House project, is a community project. Without your help, none of this would ever happen. And you can help by adopting a tree.

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