Wichita should (finally) fluoridate its drinking water


July 17, 2012 - 12:00 AM

Wichita is the fourth-largest city in the United States without fluoride in its water. A group of health-minded citizens there, calling themselves “Wichitans for Healthy Teeth,” has collected more than 2,500 signatures supporting fluoridation and continues to work. When they have at least 6,300 signatures they will take their petition to the city council.

Dr. Sara Meng, a Wichita dentist, told an AP reporter that nearly 500 Wichita dentists and health providers and about 50 state and local organizations are backing the effort. 

Given the propensity for folks on the fringe to question health science, it is not surprising that two groups, Wichitans for Pure Water and Fluoride Free Kansas, materialized to fight fluoridation there.

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