A grim reality for college football

With the start of the college football season still weeks away, schools are struggling to ward off the COVID-19 pandemic. Some conferences have pushed back their fall sports entirely.



August 20, 2020 - 8:55 AM

Alabama beat USC, 52-6 in the 2016 season opener. The Crimson Tide and Trojans were scheduled to play again to open the 2020 season. Photo by TNS File photo

ATLANTA — No vocation cares more about control than coaching football. Before Washington played in a Super Bowl, coach George Allen went so far as to scout the California sun. (His findings: It’s bright.) Yet here the industry is, trying to wrap its arms around the virus that throws off all restraints.

College football coaches — well, not those in the Big Ten and Pac-12 — are planning for a season that might never start and, if does, might not reach completion. Even the conferences that want to play concede there could come a day when they can’t. So how does a control-freak coach handle that which is beyond anybody’s control?

Here was Georgia Tech coach Geoff Collins, speaking Wednesday morning via Zoom: “The biggest thing is the core philosophy of our program — just control what we can control. Right now, here are the parameters we’re operating under. We come in here every day trying to get better, understanding the health and safety guidelines that are placed in front of us every day, following those while still developing at a high level. (We) do that every single day; control what we can control; have a great attitude; make sure our guys, our staff, everybody in the organization is in an environment to promote their health, promote their safety and continue to get better every single day.

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