A&W Special Olympics Team at the Special Olympics Kansas


June 13, 2019 - 9:45 AM

Aiden Fraker and Keegon Hedman. COURTESY PHOTO

ANW Co-op Special Olympics Team Results: Lacey Brown 1st in RLJ, 3rd in 100m dash; Xavior Burrow 2nd in SLJ, 4th in 50m dash, Beau Clements 1st in Softball, 6th in 100m dash;  Aiden Franker 1st in Tennis Ball, 1st in 50m dash;  Keegon Hedman 2nd in Tennis Ball, 7th in 50m dash; Joel Kincaid 1st in Tennis Ball, 7th in 100m dash; Conner Merando 1st in Softball, 5th in 100m dash; Mark McCollough Jr. 4th in Shot Put; Page Riley 1st in Tennis Ball, 6th in SLJ; Nickales Stogsdill 4th in Softball, 4th in SLJ; 

Team Relays: Lincoln (5th), Mavior Burrow, Aiden Fraker, Nickales Stogsdill, Beau Clements; High School (4th), Conner Merando, Lacey Brown, Joel Kincaid, Paige Riley, 

Allen County Special Olympics Team Results: Tina Craft 1st in Tennis Ball, 1st in 50m walk; Brandon Griggs 1st in Softball,  1st in 400m walk, 6th in SLJ; Casey Riebel 2nd in Softball, 2nd in 50m walk; Steven Riebel 1st in Tennis Ball, 1st in 25m assisted walk; Tom Weide 3rd in Softball, 3rd in 50 m dash. 

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