BJ Armstrong gives thoughts on Jordan documentary

Former teammate of Michael Jordan offers opinion on the first two episodes of the new "The Last Dance" documentary that airs on ESPN on Sunday nights.



April 20, 2020 - 10:05 AM

The Chicago Bulls' Michael Jordan tries to keep the ball from the Charlotte Hornets' B.J. Armstrong during the second period of a playoff game in 1998. Photo by Charles Cherney

B.J. Armstrong played on three NBA championship teams with Michael Jordan. He knows how Jordan is behind closed doors. He knows the sort of trials and tribulations that occur over the course of a season.

And he was amused at one bit of drama that viewers saw during the first two episodes of “The Last Dance” — the ESPN and Netflix documentary series built around Jordan’s final season with the Chicago Bulls in 1997-98 — specifically, the part where Jordan held nothing back in critiquing the play of teammates Ron Harper and Toni Kukoc in practice.

“Let me be real candid here,” Armstrong told The Associated Press. “If that is the worst you’ve seen, then you’ve never seen the Chicago Bulls before. That was nothing.”

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