Ty Dillon demands investigation after his car was damaged by debris on the track

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August 18, 2018 - 4:00 AM

Ty Dillon wants NASCAR to hunt down the car that deposited debris on the Michigan race course and messed up his No. 13 Chevy. The manhunt is on. [NEWS-JOURNAL/JIM TILLER]

1. Calling Insp. Clouseau

Ty Dillon demands a NASCAR investigation after the underside of his No. 13 Chevrolet was destroyed by a piece of debris on the Michigan track. “I ran over something; whether it was a battery or a piece of lead,”he said. The debris messed up his car. “I had no control,” he said.

“Hopefully, NASCAR finds whose piece that was because that shouldn’t happen in our sport. There shouldn’t be batteries laying on our tracks,” he said.”

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