Burrow’s scrambling helps Bengals reach Super Bowl

Joe Burrow's ability to scramble has helped the Bengals beat the Chiefs and others this offseason. It's also a big reason why the Bengals believe in Burrow for the future.



February 11, 2022 - 2:51 PM

Joe Burrow throws a pass as Eagles defensive end Derek Barnett tries to bring him down during a 2020 game at Lincoln Financial Field. Photo by TNS

Nearly every time the Kansas City Chiefs got pressure on Joe Burrow in the AFC championship game, he managed to pull off a surprising escape.

That ability to get out of trouble with his legs is one of Burrow’s best traits and a big reason why he has the Cincinnati Bengals playing in the Super Bowl. 

“That adds a whole other dimension to our offense,” offensive coordinator Brian Callahan said. “His ability to extend plays, go off-script, do anything that involves moving the pocket and moving the landmarks for the receivers and let those guys go create has generated a number of explosive plays and first downs over the course of the year. He’s got a great natural feel for moving in the pocket. It’s a huge part of playing quarterback in the NFL these days. Guys have to be able to do that. He does it as good as anybody else.”

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