Busted bracket blues in the Sunflower State



March 25, 2019 - 10:58 AM

Kansans have no one to blame but themselves for their bracket misfortune after a not-so-hectic opening weekend of the NCAA tournament. 

Yes, it was a surprisingly calm first four days of March Madness especially considering the mayhem that previous seasons have brought. In every region, seeds 1-4 all advanced to the Sweet 16, making those who steered away from the bracket crippling upset predictions and mid-major Cinderellas rise in their office bracket pools faster than a pool toy in a flash flood. 

Oh wait, I wrote that wrong, I apologize. All but two 1-4 seeds advanced to the Sweet 16 this year. Four seeds Kansas and Kansas State each bowed out to lower-seeded opponents, leaving just a touch of the madness that we’ve all come to expect from the tournament in return for Jayhawk and Wildcat fans’ joy and happiness. 

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