Calling it a career



December 27, 2019 - 10:05 AM

Aricah McCall stands in the snow at the Humboldt square. REGISTER/ERICK MITCHELL

HUMBOLDT — She may have been a one-and done, but former Humboldt Lady Cub Aricah McCall made her mark for Allen Community College volleyball this past fall. 

McCall accumulated 48 credit hours at ACC in her time as a Humboldt student, so when graduation arrived in May, she was already a college sophomore. McCall needed only one more semester at ACC to graduate, but it was a memorable one. 

The Lady Devils finished the season with a 19-13 record, and 4-6 mark in the Jayhawk Conference. As a middle hitter, McCall finished with 175 kills in 32 matches.  

“It was awesome,” McCall said. “I felt a lot of people underestimated us, and we proved them wrong. Allen didn’t have a great record in volleyball last season, and we turned that around. This season was also amazing because I was picked as one of the team captains as a first-year player. I also was one of two players that played in every game the whole year.”

McCall took pride in featuring in each match for the Lady Devils. Standing at 5’7”, McCall is undersized for a position in front of the net. Still, she managed to earn time on the court. 

“I’m only 5’7”, so I am not a middle hitter height-wise,” McCall said. “Most people look at me and think I’m not a college middle-hitter, so that was something I needed to overcome, and I think I proved them wrong.”

While McCall made ACC her home for volleyball, she still resided in Humboldt with her family. She said the option was cheaper versus living in the school’s accommodations. While McCall wasn’t around her teammates 24/7, she still was able to create a strong bond with her fellow Lady Devils. 

“In the group chats they would always say ‘come over here, we are doing this’ and I would head that way,” McCall said. “During the week, we were always doing things as a team. We’d do bonding or volunteering, so we were always busy.” 

Over this holiday season, McCall and her teammates have assisted churches for wrapping gifts, and participated in adopt a kid, where they purchase gifts for children in need. 

McCall’s favorite memory from her days with her ACC teammates was going out for team dinners. McCall highlights that chemistry obtained with her teammates was a unique experience. 

“In high school, sometimes you just have people going out just for the number,” McCall said, intimating the actual sport came second to being with friends.

“In college, we were all matched with how well we played together. It didn’t matter if you were best friends or not. In high school it did kind of matter. You played better with your best friend, or people that you grow up with.”

Being surrounded by top talent and knowledgeable coaches helped McCall reach her peak. And she takes pride in being able to compete in one of the country’s toughest JUCO conferences. 

“I’m not surprised because I know I earned it, but it’s crazy to think I played as much as I did and as well as I did coming from Humboldt,” McCall said. “Most people dock JUCOs, but that conference is so hard.”

Despite having offers to continue playing volleyball, McCall has decided that now is the time to conclude her athletic career.