Coach David Beaty still owed $3 million



July 26, 2019 - 4:30 PM

Former Kansas head coach David Beaty watches his team during a game against Iowa State at Memorial Stadium on Nov. 3, 2018. ED ZURGA/GETTY IMAGES/TNS

KANSAS CITY, Mo. —Former KU Jayhawks football coach David Beaty said in a sworn statement that he’s holding off on buying a house in Austin, Texas, while he awaits the $3 million he says Kansas Athletics owes him for finishing out the 2018 season, during which he was fired.

Beaty’s residence — he’s currently living in an Austin apartment and plans to stay there indefinitely while his wife and youngest daughter remain in Lawrence — gets to a central matter in his lawsuit against Kansas Athletics.

Beaty’s affidavit was included in his lawyers’ response this week to Kansas Athletics’ attempt to dismiss the lawsuit he filed earlier this year. Kansas Athletics claimed that Beaty can’t sue in federal court in part because he lives in Kansas, the same state where Kansas Athletics and the university operate.

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