December 10, 2019 - 9:33 AM

Josie Plumlee drives in for a layup against West Franklin on Monday evening. Iola dominated the Falcons 28-12. REGISTER/ERICK MITCHELL

RICHMOND — Iola High’s defense shined in its opener against West Franklin in the Central Heights tournament Monday night. West Franklin averaged only three points per quarter as the Fillies comfortably captured their first win of the season, winning 28-12. 

On Friday, Iola held Anderson County to 16 first-half points, but the Bulldogs nearly doubled that amount in the second half due to key defender Becca Sprague entering foul trouble in the early goings. In Monday’s game, the Fillies were relentless throughout, and it started with their 1-3-1 trap defense. Head coach Becky Carlson utilized her teams’ athleticism to cause frequent turnovers.

“Our defense was great,” Carlson said. “We were intense, helped out, saw the ball the entire game, and did a really good job boxing out.”

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