Five tips to avoid talking about someone’s fantasy football team

Fantasy football has grown almost as popular as just watching games as a fan — if you're one of the participants. For others, here are a few pointers to avoid having to hear about someone else's FF prospects.



September 10, 2021 - 1:41 PM

Patrick Mahomes, left, and Travis Kelce are popular fantasy football players again this season. Photo by TNS

The start of the NFL season brings joy to millions of people.

But for many others it’s a time of high anxiety knowing what is in their immediate future. They’re seeking refuge in their secret hiding places, putting their smartphones on mute and faking naps at all hours of the day.

These are the unfortunate millions who suffer from the onset of FFP — Fantasy Football Phobia,  the fear of being stuck in a conversation with someone who takes part in a fantasy football league.

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