HMS has hard time with Caney

The Humboldt Middle boys and girls were nearly swept at Caney Valley last Thursday. Luckily, the Lady Cubs B team secured the lone victory of the day by defeating the Bullpups, 17-8.



January 23, 2023 - 2:15 PM

CANEY — The Humboldt Middle boys and girls struggled in their matchups at Caney Valley Thursday. 

The Cub boys A team was crushed by Caney Valley, 43-20, while Humboldt’s boys B team slipped, 34-18, and the boys C team lost to the Bullpups, 36-12. Humboldt’s girls A team fell to Caney, 25-17, while the girls B team picked up the lone win of the day, 17-8. 

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