Hope alive for Buck O’Neil to reach the National Baseball Hall of Fame

One positive may come out of the COVID-19 pandemic: Buck O'Neil potentially reaching the National Baseball Hall of Fame.



May 1, 2020 - 4:34 PM

Buck O'Neil, at 94, prepares for his turn at bat during the Northern League All Star Game on July 18, 2006, in Kansas City, Mo. Photo by Mike Ransdell/Kansas City Star/TNS

To appreciate a potential shimmering light ahead, let’s start with a baseline point of contrast:

This week in the sad parade of events postponed or canceled amid the scourge of the COVD-19 coronavirus pandemic, another phase of the 100th anniversary celebration of the founding of the Negro Leagues has been shelved — a commemoration of the first game in Negro National League history in Indianapolis, where the Indianapolis ABCs played the Chicago American Giants on May 2, 1920.

Perhaps most movingly, the Saturday ceremony was to feature a tribute to the great Oscar Charleston that included replacing his nondescript gravestone with what Negro Leagues Baseball Museum president Bob Kendrick called a “proper and more fitting headstone” of marble.

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