Humboldt Middle School falls at Cherryvale

Humboldt Middle School's boy's basketball teams struggled at Cherryvale. The Vikings swept the Cubs in all three games on Thursday.



December 10, 2021 - 2:17 PM

CHERRYVALE — Humboldt Middle School’s boys’ basketball teams contested the second game of their season Thursday against the Cherryvale Chargers. The Chargers swept the Cubs in a tough night. The A team lost 33-26. The B team lost 23-22. The C team lost 12-2.

The C teams played only two quarters. CMS picked up the 12-2 win. Humboldt’s offense struggled to put up points but did rebound the ball well. HMS committed only four fouls.

Karsyn Kaufman scored the Cubs’ only points and had two rebounds. Emmitt Carson had three rebounds.

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