Iola Rec League results from July 12

Iola Recreation Department baseball and softball games continued Monday at Riverside Park. Results follow.



July 13, 2021 - 10:03 AM

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Bitty Ball League 

Nelson Quarries 9, A&W Restaurant 8. Hits for Nelson: Easton Cooks, 3 s; Colton Hall, s, d, HR; Cieson Kidwell-Arell, 2 s; Daegan Rodriguez, 2 s, 2 HR; Asher Collins, 3 s; Kendrick Rush, s; Colton Womack, s; Daxton Schmidt, 2 s. Hits for A&W: Asher Rinehart, 3 s; Joel Stockebrand, 2 s, d; Jordan Stockebrand, 4 s; Judah Wilson, s; Jase Clark, 2 s, d; Wilder Schooler, 2 s; Carter Warden, 2 s;. James Newland, s.  Notes: Rodridguez gave Nelson Quarries the walk-off victory by leading off the bottom of the sixth with a home run, breaking an 8-8 tie.

Nelson Quarries 12, Noah’s Well Service 11. Hits for Nelson: Easton Cookus, 3 s; Colton Hall, 4 s; Cieson Kidwell-Arell, 3 s; Daegan Rodriguez, 2 s, HR; Asher Collins, 4 s; Kendrick Rush, 4 s; Colton Womack, 2 s; Daxton Schmidt, s, Terrance Bullard, s. Hits for Noah’s: Remington Hall, 2 s, d; Ruger Hall, 2 s, d; Jase Hamilton, 2 s, d; Elijah Irby, 4 s; Kager Mathews, s; Jyler Granere, 2 s; Asher Rinehart, 3 s; Judah Wilson, 2 s.

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