Iolan bowls 700 series



March 12, 2013 - 12:00 AM

In Edna Donovan’s 46 years of bowling, she’s never had a night like this one.
Donovan rolled her first ever 700 series — that is, her three games totaled 717, a feat almost as rare as a perfect 300 game.
Donovan’s was the first 700 series at Country Lanes since 1996.
Donovan bowled a 226 in her first game of the evening, while bowling for Cool Snickers at her Sunday Nite Mixed League.
She hit high gear in her second game, starting with seven consecutive strikes to bowl a 258. She capped her evening with a 233.
The feat shattered her previous high series of 639.
“I’d gotten close to 600 a couple of times this year, and some ladies were teasing me about it,” Donovan said. “Then, not only do I get past 600, but 700, too. It was just one of those nights where everything was going my way.”

DONOVAN started league bowling in 1967 in San Antonio, where her husband, David, was stationed in the Air Force.
“We always had a small bowling alley wherever we were stationed,” she said, including overseas.
She also became an avid bowling instructor, eventually earning her certification in order to work with youngsters, including her children, Brian and Sherry.
The Donovans moved to Iola in 1983 after David’s retirement. She continues to bowl on Sunday and Monday nights. She is a member of Cool Snickers in Sunday Nite Mixed League and The Udder Three as part of the Monday Night Heifers league.
She also continues to help coach youth bowling leagues at Country Lanes on Saturday mornings.

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