Justin Folk wins Whitworth Memorial race


June 1, 2011 - 12:00 AM

HUMBOLDT — Justin Folk has had a tough run at Humboldt Speedway in 2011. That changed Sunday.
Folk, who won the first Dwaine Whitworth Memorial race in 2008, recorded his first win of the new season in taking the 2011 Whitworth Memorial modified feature race. Folk took advantage of a caution to break out of the pack and take the lead from Bill Siemers of Valley Center.
Justin Folk had been running in second before the caution. He pulled away to win the NCRA/USRA Modified shootout at the Speedway. Siemers finished second in the 25-lap feature race with John Allen in third. Paul Snyder and Ryan Whitworth rounded out the top five.
The Whitworth Memorial was the second round of racing at Humboldt Speedway over the Memorial Day Weekend. The Speedway held its regular Friday night program.
On Sunday, Derek Michael came through a 19-car field to win the pure stock feature race. David Matlock ran second, followed by Blake Kisner, Levi Phillips and Tyler Kidwell.
In B-Mod action, Dalton Kirk turned in a textbook performance in winning the feature. Dustin Tholin of Topeka made a hard charge but ended second. Jeremy Chambers finished third with Riley Whitworth in fourth and Jim Pearcy of Springfield, Mo., took fifth.
Late in the B-Mod race, Jimmie Davis and Leon Bash were involved in a crash. Neither driver was injured but their cars sustained damage and took out the front straightaway signal lights on the track.
Jeremy Wilson won Sunday’s factory stock feature and Derrek Wilson was second. Tim Phillips finished third with Billy Shadden crossing the line in fourth and Ethan Lamons in fifth.
On Friday, Derrek Wilson notched the win in the factory stock in front of brother Jeremy, who had been dominating the division so far this season. Jeremy Wilson was in second and Scott Stuart placed third. Ethan Lamons was fourth and Brandon Weide ran fifth.
Johnny Bone Jr. roared to the feature win in the USRA modified class. Justin Folk showed he was coming around, running a strong second on Friday. Scott Daniels took third and Brian Bolin was fourth. Justin Johnson of Gardner placed fifth.
Jeremy Chambers captured the win in the B-Mod feature Friday. Dalton Kirk finished in the runner-up spot as Matt Thompson of Bentonville, Ark., was third. Tim VanGotten drove from the back of the pack to take fourth and Scott Collins was fifth.
Jeremy Willard made a statement in his run for the points chase in the pure stock division. Coming from starting in the fifth spot, Willard won Friday’s feature race.
Derek Michael may have used his strong second-place run in Friday’s pure stock race as a tuneup for Sunday’s victory. Tyler Kidwell drove to third place on Friday followed by Brandon Rowland and David Matlock.
This Friday, Humboldt Speedway hosts its annual Old Timer’s Reunion. Legends from the past 40-plus years gather to exchange stories and memories. Gates open at 6 p.m. and races start at 8 p.m.
Dwaine Whitworth Memorial
Humboldt Speedway
Sunday, May 29, 2011
Allen County Chiropractic
USRA Modified
HEAT 1 — Dan Powers, Rick Murcko, Dustin Lawrence, Jim Johnson, Paul Snyder, Cody Alger, Mike Lawrence, Jim Lawrence, Dennis Bishop
HEAT 2 — Brian McGowen, Jess Folk Jr., Steve Becker, Travis Smith, Brian Parker, Ross Shipman, Gary Kilbourn, Josh Lanterman, Mark Schafman
HEAT 3 — Justin Folk, Marc Hurd, Danny McFadden, Brian Bolin, Austin Allen, Paden Phillips, Gene Hogan, Dustin Campbell, Kinzer Edwards
HEAT 4 — Ryan Whitworth, Casey McClaskey, John Allen, Tyler Davis, Josh Gerhart, Todd Doty, Scott Daniels, Mike Jarvis
HEAT 5 — Bill Siemers, Shawn Langhover, Kevin Kemp, Lucan Conley, Justin Moler, Carson McKeen, Brian Powers, Zach Gilmore
C FEATURE — Austin Allen, Paul Snyder, Brian Packer, Josh Gerhart, Ross Shipman, Cody Alger, Paden Phillips, Dusty Campbell, Mark Schafman, Justin Moler, Scott Daniels, Gary Kilbourn, Mike Lawrence, Carson McKeen, Gene Hogan, Brian Powers, Dennis Bishop, Kinzer Edwards, Josh Lanterman, Jim Armstrong, Todd Doty
B FEATURE — John Allen, Casey McClaskey, Brian bolin, Danny McFadden, Justin Allen, Lucas Conley, Paul Snyder, Steve Becker, Kevin Kemp, Tyler Davis, Josh Gerhart, Travis Smith, Jim Johnson, Mark Schafman, Cody Alger, Ross Shipman, Dusty Campbell, Jim Moler, Paden Phillips, Brian Parker
Whitworth Memorial
A FEATURE — Justin Folk, Bill Seamers, John Allen, Paul Snyder, Ryan Whitworth, Brian McGowen, Justin Allen, Dan Powers, Jess Folk Jr., Danny McFadden, Lucas Conley, Shawn Langhover, Casey McClaskey, Dustin Lawrence, Kevin Kemp, Steve Becker, Rick Murcko, Brian Bolin, Marc Hurd, Tyler Davis
Whitworth Construction Pure Stock
HEAT 1 — Blake Kisner, Jeremy Willard, David Matlock, Matthew Kay, Toby Elbe, Mike Aiello, Stetson Deets
HEAT 2 — David Ballew, Travis Brewer, Dennis Aiello, Levi Phillips,  Brandon Rowland, Travis Brewer
HEAT 3 — Tyler Kidwell, Kyle Mulsow, Derek Michael. Norman Mackley, Floyd Taggart, Tony Morris
FEATURE — Derek Michael, David Matlock, Blake Kisner, Levi Phillips, Tyler Kidwell, Matthew Kay, Norman Mackley, Mike Aiello, Tony Morris, Travis Brewer, Kyle Mulsow, Stetson Deets, Floyd Taggart, David Ballew, Dennis Aiello, Jeremy Willard, Toby Elbe
Factory Stock
HEAT 1 — Jeremy Wilson, Tim Phillips, Dale Price, Doug Scism, Billy Shadden
HEAT 2 — Derrek Wilson, Derek Yocham, Ethan Lamons, William Joyce, Dakotah Stewart
A FEATURE — Jeremy Wilson, Derrek Wilson, Tim Phillips, Billy Shadden, Ethan Lamons, Dale Price, Doug Scism, Dakotah Stewart, Derek Yocham, William Joyce
EZ Lock & Key B-Mod
HEAT 1 — Jay Lamons Jr., Jerry Kustanborter, Tim VanGotten, Ray Maloney, Rodney Schwiezer, Steve Goodman
HEAT 2 — Jeremy Chambers, Leon Bash, Ben Kates, Steven Trester, Jim Pearcy, Mike Tanner
HEAT 3 — Dalton Kirk, Dustin Tholan, Riley Whitworth, Jacob Magee, Jimmie Davis, Nathan Schmidt, Jon Westhoff
FEATURE — Dalton Kirk, Dustin Tholan, Jeremy Chambers, Ryan Whitworth, Jim Pearcy, Steve Goodman, Jerry Kustanborter, Steven Trester, Mike Tanner, Jay Lamons Jr., Nathan Schmidt, Jon Westhoff, Leon Bash, Jimmie Davis, Jacob Magee, Ben Kates, Rodney Schweizer, Josh Schooler,  Ray Maloney, Tim VanGotten

Humboldt Speedway
Race Results
Friday, May 27, 2011
Whitworth Construction Pure Stock
HEAT 1 — Tyler Kidwell, Levi Phillips, Jeremy Willard, Travis Barker, Norman Mackley, David Matlock, Toby Elbe, Ryan Smith
HEAT 2 — Derek Michael, Brandon Rowland, Matthew Kay, Dennis Aiello, Mike Aiello, Floyd Taggart, Eddie Coulter
FEATURE — Jeremy Willard, Derek Michael, Tyler Kidwell, Brandon Rowland, David Matlock, Mike Aiello, Norman Mackley, Levi Phillips, Travis Barker, Toby Eble, Dennis Aiello, Matthew Kay, Ryan Smith, Floyd Taggart, Eddie Coulter
Factory Stock
HEAT 1 — Tim Phillips, Jeremy Wilson, Brandon Weide, Derek Yocham, Brandon Tindle, Justin Luehrs
HEAT 2 — Derrek Wilson, Scott Stuart, Billy Shadden, Dale Price, Ethan Lamons, William Joyce
FEATURE — Derrek Wilson, Jeremy Wilson, Scott Stuart, Ethan Lamons, Brandon Weide, Billy Shadden, Derek Yocham, Brandon Tindle, Dale Price, William Joyce, Tim Phillips, Justin Luehrs
EZ Lock & Key B-Mod
HEAT 1 — Jeremy Chambers, Matt Thompson, Jerry Kustanborter, Jim Pearcy, Chris Stallbaumer, Gene Becker, Tim VanGotten, Jay Lamons Jr.
HEAT 2 — Jon Westhoff, Dalton Kirk, Scott Collins, Jimmie Davis, Johnathan Romesburg, Leon Bash, Josh Schooler
FEATURE — Jeremy  Chambers, Dalton Kirk, Matt Thompson, Tim VanGotten, Scott Collins, Jim Pearcy, Jimmie Davis, Jerry Kustanborter, Jon Westhoff, Johnathan, Romesburg, Jay Lamons Jr., Josh Schooler, Leon Bash
Allen County Chiropractic
USRA Modified
HEAT 1 — Johnny Bone Jr., Jerald Folk, Paden Phillips, Gene Hogan, Steve Becker, Cody Schniepp, Travis Smith, Dennis Bishop
HEAT 2 — Scott Daniels, Ryan Whitworth, Mike Lawrence, Kerry Davis, Dusty Campbell, Dustin Lawrence, Allan Broers, Jim Arnstrong
HEAT 3 — Justin Folk, Brian Bolin, John Allen, Jess Folk Jr., Rick Murcko,  Justin Johnson, Casey Jesseph
FEATURE — Johnny Bone Jr., Justin Folk, Scott Daniels, Brian Bolin, Justin Johnson, Ryan Whitworth, Kerry Davis, Jess Folk Jr., Paden Phillips, Travis Smith, Casey Jesseph, Rick Murcko, Jim Armstrong, Mike Lawrence, Gene Hogan, Dustin Lawrence, Dennis Bishop, Cody Schniepp, Allen Broers, Steve Becker, Jerald Folk, Dustin Campbell, John Allen


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