Make or break week?

If MLB wants to save the 2020 season, it must act soon



May 27, 2020 - 10:32 AM

Kauffman Stadium, Kansas City, Mo. Photo by David Bolander via / Iola Register

All that matters this week is everything.

If a baseball season is to be saved, if MLB is, as it has often said, to be part of the healing of America, then this is the week to either put up or continue to recede from the nation’s consciousness.

After a month worth of posturing — and some world-class leaking — the league and its Players Association must reach an agreement about the protocols and finances for returning to play. If the sides can’t agree by June 1, which just happens to be a week from Monday, putting together even a half season’s worth of games before an expected fall second wave of COVID-19 hits becomes logistically more difficult. And if the parties haven’t reached an agreement by June 1, then it’s all the more likely it will be because, as usual, their negotiations have bogged down in animosity, mistrust and somebody’s overriding desire to “win.”

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