Mustang runners take first at Doc Stiles



September 24, 2014 - 12:00 AM

Iola High’s boys varsity cross country team won the team event at the Doc Stiles Invitational Cross Country Meet thanks to a strong run by individual winner Kohl Endicott.
Endicott completed the 5k run in 17 minutes, 22 seconds — 38 seconds faster than the second place finisher from Pittsburg. Iola’s Braden Plumlee placed fifth with a time of 18:16. Isaiah Fawson was close behind in 12th with a time of 19:11, while Travis Hermstein followed at 19:18 for 15th. Blaine Klubek came in 22nd with a 19:46 mark. Jonathan Tidd placed 57th, finishing in 22:32.
“Kohl ran a very good race again,” head coach Marv Smith said.  “He was third in the early stages, but when he took the lead, he continued to pull away.”
Smith said Pittsburg’s coach told him Iola had a better score, but didn’t relax until he saw it on paper.
Although the varsity girls were one runner short to qualify for a team score, they all had solid times. Olivia Taylor led Iola in the 4k, finishing in 17:47 for 11th. Just a few seconds later at 17:52, Megan Klubek came in 14th place. Abigail Taylor followed at 18:10 for 17th and Jo Lohman came in 21st with a time of 18:36.
“Our girls ran as a team during most of the race,” Smith said.  “Abigail and Megan had a little lead on Olivia and Jo until they disappeared behind the college for about one mile.  When they came into view again, Olivia had taken the lead.   It was nice that each girl medaled individually.”
Iola’s JV girls were led by Addie Pratherh who finished the 4k in 51st in 24:31. She was followed by Klair Vogal, who finished in 25:42 for 56th.
Iola didn’t have anyone run in the JV boys race.
For the seventh grade races, both the boys and girls ran one mile. Iola’s girls followed each other one after the other. Alysia Kunkler placed second in 6:49, Kelsey Morrison followed in third at 7:09 and Rachel Bycroft came in fourth with a time of 7:29. On the boys’ side, Elijah Fawson came in first with a 6:08 mark. River Hess placed seventh in 7:24. Eason Cheung followed in 12th with a 7:47 mark. Royce Smith came in 15th at 7:54. Braiden DeGrado placed 18th in 8:11, Jeremy Ridge followed in 19th at 8:20 and Orion Roach came in 20th with a 9:28 mark.
The eighth graders ran a two mile race and didn’t have times. For the girls, Natalie DeGrado took fifth. For the boys, Jack Eyster came in fourth and David Petty placed sixth.
“I thought our middle schoolers ran really well for not being in competition for the past two weeks,” Smith said.

YATES CENTER’S varsity boys team placed fourth. Brett Holloway came in fourth in 18:06. Drake Busteed placed sixth with a time of 18:32. Hayden Splechter finished in 20:09 for 28th place. Eli Spencer placed 51st with a time of 22:03. Braydon Gualding followed in 59th at 22:40.
For the varsity girls, Aubrey Smith finished in 24:39 for 45th and was followed by Dakota McNett at 24:49 for 46th.
Cayden Hartwig led Yates Center’s JV boys with a 20:06 finish for 47th. Jon Barnes followed in 68th with a time of 30:56.
Melanie Hegwald finished in 50th for the JV girls race in a time of 24:29.
For the seventh grade boys, Rocky Petit finished 16th with a time of 7:55. Hadley Splechter finished in first place for the eighth grade boys, while Damion Sturgill finished in ninth.

HUMBOLDT’s varsity boys were led by 11th place finisher Tanner Orth with a time of 19:10. Joe Kline followed in 19th with a 19:38 mark. Ethan Bartlett came in 37th in 20:33. Brady Slocum finished in 23:42 for 72nd.
Padyne Durand represented Humboldt’s lone varsity girls runner, finishing in 19:32 for 34th.
Layton Gillespie led the JV boys with a 17:18 mark for 10th place. Matthew Sanders followed in 29th, finishing in 18:30. Miah Schemann took 47th with a time of 19:55. John Hole finished 54th with a 20:38 mark.
Hannah Hudlin, Humboldt’s JV girl, came in 20th in 20:49.
Cub seventh grade boys were led by Jackson Aikens, who placed third with a time of 6:48. He was followed by Briar Orth in fourth at 6:50. Luke Yocham came in 13th with a 7:49 mark. Reid Smith came in 17th in 7:58. Tital Michael came in 21st in 10:08.

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