Mustangs medal at meet

“All of these guys are super close to season PRs or even their career PRs and they’re just pushing themselves that much," said Iola cross country head coach Brittany Daugharthy after Thursday evening's run.



October 7, 2022 - 3:19 PM

Iola’s Jesse Taylor (46) took sixth place at Louisburg on Thursday evening. The Mustangs finished third as a team at the meet Photo by Quinn Burkitt

LOUISBURG — The Iola High School varsity cross country team ran like the wind at the Louisburg 5K meet on Thursday, taking third place as a team while two Mustang runners took home medals. 

Jesse Taylor crossed the finish line first for Iola coming in sixth place overall with a time of 18:09. The time would be good for a medal. Iola’s Kaster Trabuc also medalled, finishing in 10th place with a mark of 18:42. 

“Jesse has just been super focused and ready to push himself. He’s taken care of his body so when it’s time to add extra mileage or have these big finishes he’s ready to go and he’s mentally in it. He’s having fun, that’s the best part,” said Iola head coach Brittany Daugharthy. “It’s just so cool to see him have these moments.”

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