March 30, 2018 - 11:00 PM

Chevy drivers Chase Elliott, left, and Jimmie Johnson are trying to figure out how to get more speed out of the new Camaro body. [AP/RALPH FRESO]

1. Chevrolet, ole’!

Chevy is seeing red right now. Look for Team Chevrolet and the General Motors Nation to work through the NASCAR Cup Series off-week to get more consistent speed into the new Camaro body. With a few exceptions, Chevrolet’s performance has been dreadful. It took seven-time Cup Series champion Jimmie Johnson five starts before scoring his first top-10 finish. “Each week we have been getting a little bit better,” he said.

2. No, says Edwards

Every time Carl Edwards gets asked the question “Are you planning to return as a Cup Series driver?” the answer is always the same — “No.” During a recent interview on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio Edwards drove a stake through the heart of comeback rumors. “I don’t have any plans to come back,” he said. Edwards did hint at a possible hard turn into politics. “But there’s nothing planned any time soon,’ he said.

3. No longer with us

OK, the header sounds ominous, but the subject matter is this: race drivers who have won at Texas over the last 10 years but who are no longer racing. So over the last 10 years, dating back to 2008, the drivers who won races at Texas and no longer drive are Carl Edwards, Jeff Gordon, Matt Kenseth, Tony Stewart and Greg Biffle. The next stop for these guys is the NASCAR Hall of Fame, most certainly.

— Godwin Kelly, godwin. [email protected]