No hockey for upcoming Olympics

NHL players will not be taking part in the upcoming Winter Olympics due to the ongoing COVID pandemic. The NHL has also announced there will be no Olympic break. The league has suffered multiple game cancellations over the last week or so.



December 22, 2021 - 9:11 AM

First, the U.S. diplomats and a handful of allies said “no.” Now it’s the NHL. Some party this is shaping up to be.

It was just bad luck that Beijing landed the Winter Games in what turned out to be the time of COVID-19. But the decision to go ahead as scheduled rests squarely with the hosts and their International Olympic Committee cronies. Here’s hoping that like most of the people who marry solely for money, they wind up having to earn every cent.

The NHL is the most anodyne of the major sports leagues, so unlike the diplomats who bowed out, it wasn’t making a political statement about China’s grave and varied human rights abuses. But just like the IOC, the league’s abiding interest has always been its own bottom line. That’s why the league skipped the 2018 Winter Games in Pyeongchang, an option that isn’t available to all the lugers, curlers, ski jumpers and even figure skaters who need the attention the Olympics brings to pay rent during the three years in between. 

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