Players reaffirm pay stance; no deal for baseball’s return in sight

Major League Baseball and its players are far from reaching a deal to get the 2020 season up and running.



June 5, 2020 - 3:21 PM

Major League Baseball Players Association executive director Tony Clark, shown here in a 2017 file photo. Photo by Will Vragovic/Tampa Bay Times/TNS

NEW YORK (AP) — Baseball players reaffirmed their stance for full prorated pay, leaving a huge gap with teams that could scuttle plans to start the coronavirus-delayed season around the Fourth of July and may leave owners focusing on a schedule as short as 50 games.

More than 100 players, including the union’s executive board, held a two-hour digital meeting with officials of the Major League Baseball Players Association on Thursday, a day after the union’s offer was rejected by Major League Baseball.

“Earlier this week, Major League Baseball communicated its intention to schedule a dramatically shortened 2020 season unless players negotiate salary concessions,” union head Tony Clark said in a statement. “The concessions being sought are in addition to billions in player salary reductions that have already been agreed upon. This threat came in response to an association proposal aimed at charting a path forward.”

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