Program teaches women hunting safety, outdoors life



September 12, 2013 - 12:00 AM

Jennifer Foster grew up in a family that hunted, but the thought of rising early to trudge afield never held much fascination. That is until she went hunting with her husband, Drew.
“I was hooked,” Foster said, as she put finishing touches for this Saturday’s “Women in the Outdoors Day” event near Le Roy.
The program will acquaint women with hunting and include certification and purchase of hunting licenses, for those so inclined.
The First Upland Pioneers chapter is sponsoring the event. The chapter is part of the National Wild Turkey Federation. Saturday’s activities are limited to females 18 and older.
Steve Barlow, a NWTF regional director, is “trying to get a wi-fi connection for Saturday, which would mean women completing the course could purchase a hunting license in the afternoon and then go hunting,” Foster said. “It would be the first time ever that hunter certification, including purchase of a license, would have been completed all in the same day.”
To date 33 women — more than 50 overall for all events — have enrolled in the course, which with other activities will be at Lost Creek Lodge, 2078 SE Third Rd.
“That’s about two miles east of Le Roy to the Neosho Falls (hard-surfaced) road, south a mile and then back to the right (west),” Foster directed. “Women may sign up that day for the hunter education course.”
The turkey federation has as a goal signing up 1.5 million new hunters over the next 10 years.
“It’s a wonderful sport, and one you can do as a family,” such as she and Drew have, said Foster.
They have seized the habit of harvesting two deer apiece each fall, doe and buck, and then processing the meat themselves.
“I can’t imagine how much money we’ve saved with the venison,” Foster said.

THE FEE for the “Women in the Outdoors Day” is $35, including those who arrive without prior notice on Saturday. The fee includes lunch and all supplies.
Call Foster at 620-496-8062 for information.
Participants will have many choices: 3-D archery range, fly fishing, BB gun range, trap shooting, rifle shooting, first aid and survival skills, hand gun range, women’s self defense, and the hunter’s education course.
Foster said enough registrants were interested in fly fishing that arrangements have been made for two instructors from Springfield.
Jeff Collins, a Humboldt police officer and owner of Crosshair Firearms & Training, will instruct the self-defense course.
“His brother, Chris Collins, is planning on being there to help” Foster said.
Chris Collins participated in the television reality show, “Top Shot.”
“It’s going to be a fun day and the women will learn a lot,” Foster said.

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