Seahorses seasons ends swimmingly

Iola swimmers raked in a boatload of medals and ribbons with their season-ending particapation at the SEK League Meet in Chanute. Humboldt swimmers also did well.



July 20, 2021 - 9:26 AM

Iola swim team members show off the trophy they received for taking third at the Southeast Kansas League Swim Meet in Wichita Saturday. Team members are, front row from left, Anna Klubek, Brigham Smith, Ruby Thompson and Easton Higginbotham; second row, Lee Wanker, Moira Springer, Molly Thompson, Adam Klubek, Noah Schowengerdt and Rohan Springer; third row, Owen Thompson, Mariah Mathis, Nora Thompson and Evie Schooler; fourth row, Coach Marcia Davis, Evan Powe, Joshua Wanker, Ben Fager, Madeleine Wanker, Audrey Powe, Bethany Miller, Griffin Westervelt, Lainey Oswald, Wyatt Westervelt and Coach Ali Peters. Not pictured were Aaliyah Dancer, Eliana and Emersyn Higginbotham, Jarrod Powe, Wilder Schooler, Bella Schowengerdt, Caroline and William Toland and Isabelle Winner. Photo by Richard Luken / Iola Register

CHANUTE — Iola’s swim team ended the 2021 season on a high note Saturday.

The Seahorses collected scores of medals and ribbons for their proficiency in the water, taking third place as a team at the Southeast Kansas League Swim Meet.

Leading the charge was 13-year-old Noah Schowengerdt, who won five of his six individual races in the 13-14 years division, and received a trophy for being the top points winner in his division.

Schowengerdt won both the 50- and 100-yard freestyle races, the 100-yard individual medley, the 50-yard butterfly and the 50-yard breaststroke. He missed out on a clean sweep of the day by .51 seconds, taking second in the 50-yard breaststroke, behind Chanute’s Noah Vogel.

It’s the sixth time in seven years Schowengerdt has earned the most points at the league meet in his age group.

The Seahorses also had swimmers pick up second-place finishes in their individual events. Brigham Smith took second in four races in the 6-and-under group, while Iola’s 200-yard freestyle relay team of Evan Powe, Owen Thompson, Madeline Wanker and Griffin Westervelt finished second in the 200-yard freestyle relay in the 13-14 years division. Westervelt, Thompson, Wanker and Bethany Miller combined to place third in the 200-yard medley relay.

Placing third for Iola were swimmers Mariah Mathis in the 9-10 years 25-yard backstroke and  25-yard breaststroke; Rohan Springer in the 11-12 years 50-yard backstroke and Westervelt in the 100-yard freestyle and 50-yard butterfly.

HUMBOLDT’s Morgan Hencey took second in the 7-8 years 25-yard freestyle, while teammate Ricklyn Hillmon placed second in the 50-yard breaststroke, third in the 50-yard butterfly, 50-yard freestyle and 100-yard individual medley in the 13-14-years division. Jazmine Evans placed third in the 100-yard freestyle for the 13-14 years group as well.

Iola’s and Humboldt’s results follow.


10 and under

50-yard freestyle

7. Mariah Mathis, I,  47.00; 11. Isabelle Winner, I,  57.81; 12. Molly Thompson, I,  1:04.94; 13. Moira Springer, I,  1:06.81; 14. Anna Klubek, I,  1:06.93

100-yard individual medley

6. M. Mathis, I, 2:15.15

7-8 years

25-yard butterfly

8. M. Springer, 44.28

25-yard backstroke

8. Ruby Thompson, I, 35.40; 9. M. Springer, I, 35.47; 10. Anna Klubek, I, 36.84; 13. Morgan Hencey, H, 42.29

25-yard breaststroke

7. M. Springer, 42.77

25-yard freestyle

6. An. Klubek, I, 30.39; 7. M. Springer, I, 31.67; 12. M. Hencey, H, 35.81; 14. R. Thompson, 41.03

9-10 years

25-yard butterfly

7. M. Mathis, I, 25.59

25-yard backstroke

3. M. Mathis, I, 23.22; 11. M. Thompson, I, 30.72; 12. I. Winner, I, 30.75

25-yard breaststroke

3. M. Mathis, I, 26.76 

25-yard freestyle

4. M. Mathis, I, 19.69; 11. I.  Winner, I, 26.29; 12. M. Thompson, I, 28.73

11-12 years

100-yard freestyle

7. Lainey Oswald, I, 1:28.47; 9. Bella Schowengerdt, I, 1:47.88

50-yard butterfly

6. Adalyn Hillmon, H, 47.22; 7. Morgan McLenon, H, 47.38; 9. B. Schowengerdt, I, 51.94; 11. Evie Schooler, I, 1:05.97

50-yard backstroke

6. L. Oswald, I, 45.72; 8. B. Schowengerdt, I, 47.44; 12. A. Hillmon, H, 54.40; 14. Jordan Hencey, H, 59.12; 15. Nora Thompson, I, 1:02.65

50-yard breaststroke

8. B. Schowengerdt, 56.00; 9. A. Hillmon, H, 56.27; 12. L. Oswald, I, 1:07.00; 13. E. Schooler, 1:07.34

50-yard freestyle

9. L. Oswald, 37.97; 11. Makenzie Kitley, H, 41.94; 12. A. Hillmon, H, 44.58; 13. B. Schowengerdt, I, 45.37; 15. E. Schooler, I, 51.56; 16. N. Thompson, I, 52.65; 17. J. Hencey, H. 57.72

100-yard individual medley

7. B. Schowengerdt, I, 1:45.69; 11. A. Hillmon, 1:56.56

13-14 years

100-yard freestyle

3. Jazmine Evans, H, 1:10.25; 4. Ricklyn Hillmon, H, 1:13.50

50-yard butterfly

3. R. Hillmon, H, 41.58; 6. Bethany Miller, I, 43.82; 7. J. Evans, H, 45.47; 8. Rylee Woods, H. 46.16; 9. Cassidy Friend, H, 46.59; 11. Madeleine Wanker, I, 50.16