Victories elusive for Fillies

Tough competition on the tennis courts Thursday leads to multiple losses.



September 18, 2020 - 4:21 PM

Iola High’s Rebekah Coltrane plays Thursday in Chanute, in her first ever singles match at the varsity level. Courtesy photo

CHANUTE — Iola High’s Fillies faced some tough competition on the tennis courts Thursday.

The Fillies’ doubles team of Miah and Sidney Shelby picked up Iola’s win of the day, cruising to 8-1 victory, over Brooklyn Lima and Gracie Davolt of Columbus. 

The sisters also fell, 8-1 to Ella Beth and Emma Daly of Fort Scott; 8-2 to Emily McGown and Emma Lawson of Pittsburg and 8-2 to Kori Babcock and Aimee Maxton of Chanute.

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