WSU to tear down campus Cessna Stadium

WSU will tear down the 74-year-old Cessna Stadium and replace it with a smaller multi-purpose stadium for the future.



April 16, 2020 - 10:19 AM

Wichita State University received unanimous approval from the Kansas Board of Regents Wednesday for its proposal to tear down 74-year-old Cessna Stadium and build in its place a new, smaller multi-purpose stadium.

Modernizing the facility to match the campus’ surrounding facilities has become a priority for new WSU president Dr. Jay Golden, who envisions the new multi-purpose stadium also attracting high school and club events for soccer, lacrosse and track and field. The proposal estimates it will cost $1.4 million to raze the current Cessna Stadium.

WSU athletic director Darron Boatright emphasized that this was just the first hurdle to clear and that WSU has no immediate plans to begin destruction until it has secured the money, which will come from private funds and restricted fee funds.

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