Recent Questions

I am looking for my grandmother’s relatives in the Iola area.  Her name was Nellie Opal Gay and her parents were Frank Gay (Dec 1853) and Eliza (May 1858). I would appreciate any help. -Lori…

Why can’t southbound motorists on 169 drive through Iola instead of having to use the off-ramp and cross 54? -Richard Luken, LaHarpe Submitted 04/10/2019

Whatever happened to former Kansas Gov. Brownback? What is he doing?  -George Levans, LaHarpe Submitted 04/10/2019

When will the recreation building be back in use? Are we paying taxes and utilities on a building that cannot be used by the community? -Jessica Fernandez, Iola Submitted 04/05/2019

What doctors were practicing in Iola in the 1970’s? -Drake, Iola Submitted 04/02/2019

Who will fund the costs for infrastructure to the new school and two other projects on the school bond? (Roads, turn lanes, sewer, water lines, etc.) -Gary Hoffmeier, Iola Submitted 03/29/2019

If the soil was not good for the hospital, why would it be good for my grandchildren? -Bill Mentzer, Iola Submitted 03/20/2019

Who’s benefiting from the land being bought? -Dani Leigh Gonzalez, Iola   Submitted 03/14/2019

Does the bond for question 1 include updates of things such as student desks, teacher desks, computers etc… or is the cost just for building? -Ron Ballard, Iola Submitted 03/14/2019

Will there be cameras and police presence in the proposed elementary school? What about special needs classrooms? -Kaylee Norton, Iola Submitted 03/13/2019