A Look Back in Time – December 1955

65 Years Ago

Around Town

December 2, 2020 - 10:05 AM

Iola commissioners passed a resolution authorizing a $900,000 revenue bond issue to build an addition to the municipal power plant that will include a 5,000 KW generator. The bonds will be retired with revenue from the sale of electricity. No tax revenues may be used.


Representatives of the Continental Trailways and the Southern Kansas Greyhound lines announced their headquarters have been moved to the Hotel Kelley. Fred Hoye, owner of the hotel, will be the agent for the two bus lines beginning today. 


Mitchell Bushey was elected president of Durite Inc., Iola manufacturing firm to succeed Harry Potts, who died on Nov. 29. Bushey said this morning that the plant is working at full capacity and has a backlog of orders to be filled by next spring.


This year hundreds of Allen County farmers are affected by the Social Security law. Self-employed farmers now come under the program and many hired hands, previously exempt, are covered. In general, self-employed farmers who made $400 or more in 1955 and hired hands who were paid $100 or more are included.


Steve Redfern, 5-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Lyndon Redfern of Iola, has been chosen Kansas polio boy of 1956 for March of Dimes campaign.

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