CNB&T gives to area food pantries

Allen County Community Food Pantry gets $1,000 from Iola bank.

Around Town

April 24, 2020 - 2:55 PM

The Allen County Community Pantry is among the food banks that will receive donations from the county. Register file photo

Community National Bank & Trust (CNB&T) and Community National Foundation announced gifts totaling $30,000 to the food pantries in the communities served by the bank.  

Jim Gilpin, president of the CNB&T-Iola banking center, delivered a $1,000 check this week to the Rev. Kenyon Kaehr for the Allen County Community Food Pantry in Iola. 

“Our local community and the country are experiencing unprecedented hardship due to the COVID 19 pandemic,” Gilpin said in a news release. “CNB&T and its Community National Foundation, hope gifts to local food pantries will make it easier for community members to get through this challenging time.”      

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