Volunteering: It’s good for the soul

In the spirit of giving, the Iola Area Chamber of Commerce salutes those who give of themselves through volunteering. It makes Iola a welcoming place to live.


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December 3, 2021 - 2:42 PM

The Iola Rotary Club’s Josh Hawley and Chelsea Lea, aka Fred and Wilma, react to trick-or-treaters during the Iola Area Chamber of Commerce’s “Trunk or Treat” event on the square on Halloween. Photo by Vickie Moss

In addition to the health and happiness advantages, volunteering gives people a sense of reason. The satisfying feeling of giving back and donating to society is unequalled. Giving back is also an excellent way to get to know your neighborhood and its residents. When you volunteer, you can meet many new people.

Over the last three months as Chamber Director, I have witnessed firsthand the generosity of our community. As I draft this article, a business dropped off a donation to make sure the lights will continue to stay lit on the bandstand on the square during the holidays.

Countless businesses and volunteers made sure our area children had a safe and happy Trunk or Treat in October and come the holidays, they will step up when Santa visits with children on the downtown square, seeing that the children can ride the train or trolley and enjoy a treat of hot cocoa and cookies.

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