Court report



September 20, 2019 - 4:07 PM


Judge Daniel Creitz

Civil cases filed:

U.S. Bank National Association vs. La Tisha Carman, City of LaHarpe, et. al., mortgage foreclosure

State of Kansas ex rel DCF vs. Ralph E. Skaggs, other domestic

Heidi D. Coykendall vs. Joshua L. Coykendall, protection from abuse

Mary M. Chase vs. Roger Scheckel, protection from stalking

Stephanie Harbold vs. David A. Pape Jr., protection from stalking

Anthony H. Holding vs. Ruthann Holding, divorce

Marriage licenses issued:

Jackie D. Spencer Jr. and Shirley Lecomte

Vincent Hill and Megan Hollenback

Ethan J. Lamons and Tea C. Shelton

Christopher R. Kolb and Kassidy K. Young



Judge Tod Davis

Convicted of no seat belt and fined $30:

Joshua E. Lohff, Moran

Eduardo Rodriguez Ariza, Humboldt

Kayla R. Underwood, Iola, $152 fine

Rodger A. Long, Welda

Benjamin D. Myrick, Iola, $152 fine

Nicki N. Green, Yates Center, $152 fine

Carlos M. Rodriguez, LaHarpe

Loren D. Lysinger, Yates Center

Kathleen M. Goodbody, Yates Center

Dawn E. Streeter, LaHarpe

Convicted of speeding:

Fabian Ortiz, Bonners Ferry, Idaho, 70/55, $183

Garrett R. D. Woun, Thayer, 88/65, $362

Alexis I. Olds, Moran, 76/55, $222

Raymond C. Gilbert, Joplin, Mo., 84/65, $207

Breanna N. Hutsell, Kansas City, Mo., 87/65, $231

Jaqueline A. Boileau, Louisburg, 83/65, $201

Kathryn A. Vonwyl, Shawnee, 75/65, $153

Mark A. Anderson, Branson, Mo., 75/65, $153

Johnson E. Farmer II, Humboldt, 65/55, $153

Jerry L. Moore, Beggs, Okla., 75/65, $153

Travis D. Edwards, Athens, Texas, 75/65, $153

Stetson L. Kern, Pleasanton, 75/65, $153

William M. Vining, Thayer, 75/65, $153

Joyce N. Orendac, Coffeyville, 75/65, $153

Bala C. Anne, North Brunswick, N.J., 112/65, $558

Travis M. Allen, Paola, 75/65, $153

Justin T. Hieber, Paola, 75/65, $153

James E. Dunn, Kansas City, Mo., 93/65, $285

Randall M. Simmans, Fort Smith, Ark., 82/65, $195

Michaela N. Stair, Hoyt, 79/65, $177

Denise L. Lowderman, Independence, Mo., 75/65, $153

Andrew L. Hegwald, Chanute, 75/65, $153

Convicted as follows:

Damien E. Wertz, Iola, swapping vehicle tags, $208

James W. J. Waggoner, Chanute, driving while suspended, $443

Richard T. White, Iola, possession of drug paraphernalia, $568, six months probation

Donna J. Aldridge, Altoona, driving while suspended, $563, 90 days jail suspended, 12 months probation

Carrie J. Bruenger, Stark, driving while suspended, $803, 12 months probation

Sarah E. Benedict, Port Orchard, Wash., passing on left without sufficient clearance, $183

Devin J. Bertnsen, Chanute, no child passenger restraint, $168

Dinkneh W. Kinfu, Kansas City, Mo., passing on left without sufficient clearance, $183

Failed to appear:

Hannah M. Fiene, Iola, 75/65, $275

Scott L. Smail, Iola, driving while suspended, no seatbelt

Criminal cases filed:

Tristan E. Fraker, Iola, purchase or consumption of alcohol by a minor

Jason T. Sinclair, Iola, battery on a law enforcement officer, domestic battery, criminal damage

Clarence A. Garber, Iola, DUI, endangering a child, transporting liquor in an open container, no valid driver’s license

Andrew C. Jaimez, LaHarpe, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, disorderly conduct

Seth L. Yowell, Humboldt, purchase or consumption of alcohol by a minor

Darious T. Orr, Iola, aggravated intimidation of a witness, criminal threat

Ronald L. Porter, Iola, interference with law enforcement

Christopher D. Cooper, Iola, burglary, theft

Contract cases filed:

City of Iola vs. Richard Charles William Freimiller

City of Iola vs. Stephanie Y. Bowen

City of Iola vs. Jason R. Anderson

City of Iola vs. Kyran D. Stewart

City of Iola vs. Thomas J. Baca

City of Iola vs. Angela M. Collins

City of Iola vs. Chadley M. Mueller

City of Iola vs. Legin J. Johnston

City of Iola vs. Kendra M. Dewitt

City of Iola vs. Stacy L. Dietrich

1st Financial Bank vs. Steven T.D. Henderson



Judge Patti Boyd

Convicted of speeding:

Jason L. Cooper, Grandin, Mo., 30/25, $155

Convicted as follows with fines assessed:

Juluis J. Bables, Iola, reckless driving, $315

Dwight A. Davis, Tampa, Fla., parking violation, $30

Jozi L. Ljunggren, Iola, failure to stop at accident, $195

Daniel L. Palmer, Kansas City, Mo., criminal damage to property, disorderly conduct, $685

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