Court report – June 5, 2021


June 4, 2021 - 9:14 AM


Judge Patti Boyd

Convicted as follows with fines assessed:

Matthew C. Cooper, Urich, Mo., failure to yield, $200

Cody A. Cox, Iola, parking zone violation, $30

Tiffany L. Dokes, Iola, expired tag, $195

Alicia A. Ellis, Iola, two counts of theft, $1,705.60, probation ordered

Jennifer K. Gilmore, Clinton, Mo., expired tag, $195

Rebeca R. Glukowsky, Iola, noise violation, 4175

Nathan A. Gonzalez, Iola, racing on highways, $315

Tabitha L. Graham, Iola, following too closely, $195

Dallis M. Huddleston, Chanute, criminal damage, $195, probation ordered

Gita L. Johnson, Iola, driving while suspended, $315

Jarrod M. Powe, Colony, failure to yield, $195

Glenn C. Riddle, Iola, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana, $555, probation ordered

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