Feeling lost living with girlfriend’s parents

"Your welcoming your girlfriend’s parents was an act of generosity, and they thanked you with a household takeover involving about four different boundary violations."



May 28, 2020 - 10:15 AM

Dear Carolyn: My girlfriend and I are in our mid-20s and have lived together for almost three years. Her parents used to live hours away and we only saw them on holidays. They retired last year, sold their house and had been spending this year traveling. They had nowhere to go in the pandemic, so they moved in with us in our small two-bedroom house.

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I feel this has given me insight into what my future will look like if I marry my girlfriend. My girlfriend is an only child and her parents are so overbearing. They think we know nothing and should consult them on everything. Our life used to be so happy, but her parents have made me miserable. I’ve been shut out of any say in my own home, about groceries, cleaning, laundry, etc.

They think they’re being so helpful, and so does my girlfriend, while we’re both working from home. But my life has been put under a microscope, they treat me like a child, and I hate it. I’m starting to think my girlfriend and I should go our separate ways when this is all over.

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