Humboldt High School celebrates biennial reunion


October 25, 2019 - 4:51 PM

The Humboldt High School Biennial Reunion was Oct. 11-12 at the Humboldt Community Fieldhouse, with graduates who have been out of HHS for at least 40 years, from 1943 to 1979.

This year’s reunion was the largest since the reunion’s beginning in 1961, with 554 attending the Friday night and/or Saturday activities. Attendees came from 30 states and Canada.

Events included a vintage baseball game, touring the high school and facilities and bus tours of the town. Saturday’s banquet was highlighted with special recognition of the 1968-1969 undefeated football team, the 1969 State Basketball Championship Team and the 4th place State Basketball Team of 1970. Many of the team members were recognized along with Coach Don Walburn and Coach Leland Moore.

The next Biennial Reunion will be on Oct. 8-9, 2021 which will include classes from the beginning of Humboldt High School in 1885 to 1981.

Attending Friday evening and/or Saturday by class were:

1943: Neil Hartwig, Humboldt; Doris (Lassman) Wilhite, Humboldt; Daisy (Massey) Clements, Humboldt

1944: Robert and Rosie Nelson, El Dorado

1945: Tim and Faye Yockey, Humboldt

1946: Melvin Baker, Humboldt; Darlene (DeMeritt) Houk, Bartlesville, Okla. and guest Debbie Birk

1947: Joe and Anita Baker, Humboldt

1948: Bob and DeeDee Schmidt, Richland Hills, Texas, and guests Mary Anne and Tim Cole

1949: Rita (Kemmerer) Ridgely, Parkville, Md., and guests Amy Ostendorf and Sue Stoltz; Eugene Bennett, Humboldt; Vada (Snodgrass) Aikins, Humboldt; Charles Tilman, Humboldt;  Allen Wiles, Sterling, Ill.

1950: Baird Brinkmeyer, Grove, Okla., and guest Judy Bradley; Clyde Roush, Chanute

1951: Joan (Elliott) Snodgrass, Lawrence; Bruce Snodgrass, Lawrence

1952: Richard Barnett, Gravois Mills, Mo.; Rita (Frederick) Roush, Chanute; Sal and Carolyn Marquez, Frontenac; Verna (Reaves) Rives, Humboldt

1953: Wayne Jackson, Iola; Donna (Ostrander) Lower-Nord, Iola and guest Dwight Blackwood;  Dale Wiles, Humboldt; Norma (Wolford) Jackson, Iola; Sylvia (Wulf) and Truman Borghardt, Topeka; Paul Zirjacks, Iola, and guest Frances Scearce

1954: Deloris (Baker) Wiles, Humboldt; Maynard and Jeanice Cress, Humboldt; Louise (Feeney) Wright, Emporia; Donald Snart, Tuttle, Okla.; Gary Upton, Bonita, Calif.; Sonya (Upton) Crowl, Omaha, Neb.

1955: Joann (Burwell) Tasche, Chanute; Jerry and Ann Coltrane, Elmhurst, Ill; Joyce (Edwards) Debrick Rogers, Ark.; Jean (Elliott) Lindsey, Humboldt; Pat (Hilton) Friederich, Butler, Mo.; Wilma (Huffmaster) Beaumeler, Stockton, Calif.; Dwight and Caroline Jackson, Lawrence; Chuck and Mary Magill, Vinton, Iowa; Virginia (Pollman) Finuf, Chillicothe, Mo., and guest Tracy Smith; Marilyn (Stinson) Marts, Chanute, and guest Melissa Burris; Mary Frances (Temming) White, Humboldt. Elizabeth (Tilman) Smothers, Julian, Calf.

1956: Ronald Barlow, Green River, Wyo.; Phyllis (Hoepker) and Richard Durham, Romona, Okla; Larry and Rose Jones, Humboldt; Ellen (McVey) Hess, Lawrence; Edna (Menke) and Jim Morris Chanute; Jim Morelan, Campbell, Calif. and guest Wayne Smith, Humboldt; Sandra (Morris) and Norman Cross, Overland Park; Charles Reaves, Chanute;  Burm Snart, Mills River, N.C.; Dennis Vaughn, Chanute; Lorel and Darlene Watts, Nevada, Mo.; Roberta (Womack) and Bill Campbell, Yates Center; Dolores “Dodie” (Wulf) and Don Copley, Humboldt

1957: Nancy (Burwell) Bammes, Manhattan; Robert Hess, Lawrence; Carol (Honeycutt) and Roosevelt Marell, Jacksonville, Fla.; Jim Leonard, Holly Lake Ranch, Texas

1958: Larry and Isabel Barlow, Las Cruces, N.M.; Neal Brown, Chanute; Dale and Patty Collison, Charlotte, N.C.; Cora (Honeycutt) Smith, Topeka; Calvin and Sandy Hunt, Afton, Okla.; Mary Jo (Morelan) Vaughn, Chanute; Pat (Porter) Nickell, Owasso, Okla.; Eugene Reaves, Humboldt; Leon and Janet Storck, Chanute; Phil Wolford, Humboldt

1959: Joyce (Baker) Weeks, Iola; Ken Brinkman, Augusta; Todd Cannon, Union Pier, Mi., and guests Joe and Lucy Brucel and Lesley Cannon; Kale (Collison) Herder, Neodesha; Elaine (Debler) Wolford, Humboldt; Phyllis (Frevele) Kinney, Omaha, Neb; Juanita (Galemore) Hamm, Humboldt; Charles Herder Neodesha; Leontine (Hoepker) Stiles, Peculiar, Mo.; Ellen (Jackson) and Francis Jackson, Yates Center; Helen (Jackson) and Fred Eisele, Fredonia; Paul Setter, Humboldt; Verna (Smith) Layton, Chanute; Mary (Vass) Ballard, Las Vegas, Nev.

1960: Kay (Bain) Davis, Joplin, Mo.; Keith and Gloria Beeman, Humboldt; Janice (Blattner) Campbell, Frontenac; Janice (Frevele) and Frank Schomaker, Humboldt; Charles Hiller, Little Rock, Ark.; Gary Hofer, Spring Hill; Andrew and Deborah Honeycutt, Fayetteville, Ga.; Shirley (Leonard) and Ron Murcko, Humboldt; John and Gloria Ramirez Independence, Mo.; Max and Carol Rickerson, Chanute; Vaughn and Margaret Rinehart, Humboldt; John and Judy Snavely, Iola; Floyd and Sharlyn Thompson, LaHarpe; Bob and Glenna Wulf, Humboldt,