Learning to live in the present



April 8, 2019 - 9:43 AM

Dear Carolyn: I’m burned out. Between work, my commute, working out every night and trying to lose weight, trying to get everything else done that needs to be done, and trying not to spend my life in front of the TV … I’m exhausted. Every Monday, I begin the countdown to the weekend. And when the weekend arrives, I try to rush through everything and even the fun stuff can be daunting. All I want to do is sit on my biscuit. Even if I do manage to get a day to myself, it’s never enough. And the thought of doing this for the next 30-plus years? Ugh. I need some perspective. — Burned Out

Answer: No, I think you need some down time. All of this rushing around for a future version of your life means you’re not living the present one in any kind of satisfying way.

That can be fine, certainly — we all have tough phases of life — but yours doesn’t seem to be a contained cultivation season toward a defined harvest. It’s more like drudgery ever after. And that’s not emotionally sustainable.

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